Tired of excessive hair loss? 

Bring back happiness and look more confident and attractive with Q-Sera anti hair loss range, the Quickest Solution to your hair fall problems

Q-Sera - The Anti Hair Fall Solution

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Hair fall & Q-Sera

Hair loss is an everyday occurrence. It can be aggravated by stress or a medical condition. However, fear, medication, underlying medical concerns, nutrition, hygiene, and hair treatments can all contribute to hair loss. The Q-Sera haircare range has been reducing hair fall and repairing damaged hair since 10 years.

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Q-Sera Revitalizing Shampoo

Q-Sera Revitalizing Shampoo, trusted & recommended by dermatologists, cleanses the hair & scalp without further damage; strengthens hair follicles & thus prevents hair fall.

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Q-Sera Leave-In Conditioner

Q-Sera Leave-In Conditioner maintains the texture & softness of hair. It is a pro conditioner for those who are short on time or simply lazy when it comes to hair care. Just apply it to your dry hair and you don’t even need to wash that off.

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Q-Sera Hair Serum:

Its unique damage repair solution reduces hair loss, repairs damaged hair and boosts hair density with visible results in just 20 days. The stress reducing formula of Q-Sera Hair Serum protects your hair from a variety of stress factors.

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